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About JUMP into DESIGN®

Everything you need to know about JUMP into DESIGN

JUMP into DESIGN is a cloud-based platform developed to allow interior designers to quickly and easily create and personalize hyper-realistic 3D designs to manage and share them with clients. It is made up of a website,, that works as an administrative console and a tool, a piece of software that allows users to create, edit projects and their designs (or versions) and capture an unlimited number of shots to share with clients.

Jump Into Reality is a software company that, since 2017, has been driven by our founders’ ambition to lead the way in the VR/AR space with our game-changing proprietary technology. Our first product is JUMP into DESIGN®, but our patented technology means that we are able to deliver high-quality content to almost any device, such as VR headsets. This opens up a world of possibilities for real-time interactive content, as well as productivity tools in a large number of industries.

Learn more here: Who we are.

JUMP into DESIGN is for any type of interior designer or architect who is keen to develop and execute more design projects and faster. It is ideal for a professional who needs good quality renders that they can generate easily on their own, without the need for training, technical knowledge, an expensive piece of hardware or specialist rendering services.

JUMP into DESIGN comes in four licence options, tailored to designers with different needs and project flows. Prices range from ZERO for the FOREVER licence to €209 monthly for UNLIMITED, the top licence. If you choose an annual over a monthly subscription, you may save up to €418 per year.

It very much depends on the flow of projects that you expect to have every month. The ADVANCED plan is the most popular and better suited if you expect to work on more than 5 projects per month and your clients may demand that you present more than one proposal for their project. If you are not sure, you should begin with STARTER and upgrade any time to ADVANCED or UNLIMITED when you need to.

You can create as many designs as you like but you can only save the number allowed by the licence you selected. ADVANCED and UNLIMITED set no limits on the number of designs you can create and save. With STARTER and FOREVER you can save 1 design per project.

For example, a project is the refurbishment of a home or the redecoration of a living room. The same project can have an unlimited number of designs or versions. Designs of the same project may differ in the materials used for the floorings, the distribution of the rooms or the position and number of the pieces of furniture and the lighting within the same space, etc.

If you are a company, you will certainly have a good flow of projects, hence the ADVANCED or UNLIMITED plans are your best options. In addition, UNLIMITED will soon feature real-time walkthrough in your designs via VR headsets and the ability to upload your own 3D models in JUMP into DESIGN’s catalogue, which are ideal and exciting features for a company and their customers.

We are constantly seeking to collaborate with design schools by offering internship opportunities for students, providing preferential access to JUMP into DESIGN® and much more. Please contact us on to arrange a call.

Technical Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most common technical questions we get asked about JUMP into DESIGN.

We have created JUMP into DESIGN® so that the greatest number of people can use it, hence the technical requirements for its installation are the least demanding in the market for this type of software.

Software requirements

  • Windows 10 64-bits Operating System
  • Any web browser

Minimum hardware requirements

  • PC
  • 8GB RAM
  • 5th generation Intel I5 processor (2015) minimum
  • At least 10GB of free disk space

Recommended hardware requirements

  • PC
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel I7 Processor
  • Dedicated graphics card with at least 3GB of RAM compatible with DirectX 11
  • At least 20GB of free disk space

At this time JUMP into DESIGN® is not a native programme on Mac given that it requires Windows Operating System.

It is very easy, but if you need additional assistance, our Installation Guide will help you at every step.

You don’t need to log into the website if you are going to continue to work on previous designs or if you are going to create a new design of an existing project.

You only need to log into the website to do the following:

  • Change your payment plan
  • Edit user information
  • Review your invoices

Any licence entitles you to all the software updates and you will always be alerted when they are available. The download is intuitive and straightforward.

You can’t because your account information and your projects are stored securely in the cloud.

About payment and invoicing

We accept any VISA and MASTERCARD debit or credit cards.

Please try again and follow the instructions on the error screen. If the problem persists please contact our support team on or get in touch with your bank/payment method provider, in case your payment has been declined.

Please follow the instructions on the error screen or contact your bank or payment method provider.

The prices on the website do not include VAT, while the amount charged includes VAT. The total amount charged is detailed in the invoice.

Please go to the ‘My Account’ area of then click on the ‘My invoices’ button. You will be able to download the invoices, which will include the details you used at registration.

The 15-day trial allows you to enjoy all the features of UNLIMITED for FREE (you can save one project design only), including the full furniture and deco catalogues. If you do not acquire a paid subscription when the trial period expires, you will automatically switch to FOREVER, which allows you to use JUMP into DESIGN for free, forever.

Go to ‘My account’ on and press the button ‘Cancel subscription’. Once the period of your last subscription ends, you will automatically switch to the FOREVER licence, which allows you to use JUMP into DESIGN for free and forever.

If you don't have a paid subscription, but would like to cancel your free FOREVER licence and account, please write to Please be aware that all your projects and designs will also be deleted and you will no longer be able to recover them.



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